Metal PCB Kits for X-Men, Strikers & Gunbird

Scanline City has just released metal+plexi cases for X-Men, Gunbird 1&2 and Strikers 1945 1&2.  These cases are the same high quality, durable style Scanline City has become known for, that I demo’d in a previous livestream – Check that out below for all the info you’d need on the cases and links to purchase all are here:

As always, I try to add context to premium items like this:  If you’re simply looking for a way to safely store your arcade boards, some anti-static bubble wrap and shipping boxes will do just fine.  These cases are for people who want something that’s both functional and looks good.  I’ve found these cases to be very sturdy when placed on their side for storage/display and pretty much all orientations seemed sturdy when in use.  I also love the “depth” the added plexi gives and it also prevents fingerprints from getting on the metal.  If you’re looking for a way to protect, display and use your arcade boards, definitely consider these as an option.

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