MemCard Pro2 3D Printed Case

Greg from LaserBear has just started selling a 3D printed magnet case for the PlayStation 2 version of the MemCard Pro.  This is a flip-phone-like clamshell design, that snaps shut via small magnets.  The price is only $15 and they’re in stock now:

MemCard Pro2 Case:
Smoke Black MemCard Pro2:
Charcoal Black MemCard Pro2:

The MemCard Pro2 has all the same features and performance as the original MemCard Pro for the PS1, but with some upgrades and full PS2 support!  The price is about $44 for one memory card that works on all PS1 & PS2 consoles, that uses one small MicroSD card for basically infinite memory card storage. There’s also support being added for PS3, as well as a ton of other options.

I haven’t done a full deep-dive on the MemCard Pro2 yet, but if you’d like to see the original in action, check out the video below:

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