MemCard Pro2 Firmware Updates & US Seller

Over the last few weeks, there’s been quite a few firmware updates to the MemCard Pro2;  A new memory card that works with the PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 (via USB save transfer).  While there’s a long list of updates, I think the most relevant for the average user is its ability to detect what game is being played, even when using original discs without a launcher.  Also, Stone Age Gamer is now an official reseller, with pre-orders open right now.  Check below the links for the full list of firmware changes, as well as a full overview of the MemCard Pro2 from Tito:

Download the latest Firmware:
US Seller:
Smoke Black:
Charcoal Black:


New Features

  • You can now select 64MB and 128MB VMC sizes when you create a new card, or set them as default
  • Better on-display feedback when creating new cards
  • ODE Logos are back for PS1! (the ODE’s logo will now be displayed on the OLED when it boots into its menu system. Supports XStation, MODE, PSIO, Unirom)
  • Added a switch to boot into PS2 by default
  • The MCP2 can now detect the running game without the need for a homebrew launcher! This includes original discs for PS2 or PS1, and games launched through OPL or another method! *Kindly note that mod-chips may interfere with this functionality

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where the screen wouldn’t turn off if that option was selected in the settings
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the MCP2 to become unresponsive if an incorrect WiFi password was entered during setup
  • Fixed a bug where the WiFi credentials wouldn’t be cleared after 5 unsuccessful connection attempts
  • Fixed wifi not starting if cold booting PS2 mode in a PS1 due to immediate card re-load
  • Fixed an issue that could corrupt memory cards due to a startup delay issue
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the PS2 from recognizing that a new card was inserted, resulting in corruption
  • The history based detection will now reliably work on all VMCs and will detect a new game was launched after a simple reset from any mounted VMC
  • Wifi will now only init after any pending data transfers happen during startup
  • Fixes an issue where the WiFi could fail to connect, rendering the buttons on the card unresponsive
  • Improved wifi performance characteristics and memory usage for a more stable experience
  • Fixed a memory leak when incrementing cards through the buttons

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