Mega EverDrive Pro v4.02 Firmware Update

Krikzz has just posted a new firmware for the recently released Mega EverDrive Pro:

This update has some fixes and an improved FM sound core for the SMS.  Another update is the ability to automatically apply .ips patches that are in the ROM folder (as opposed to the patch folder).

  • Fixed pause for MegaSG in SMS games
  • Fixed SMS in-game menu for MegaSG
  • Support for CD images with data tracks in MODE1/2048 format
  • Included YM2413 core update from Necronomfive
  • RAM cheats (including Mega-CD)
  • OS can load custom user mappers from the ROM catalog without copying it to the system folder. rbf file name should match to the mapper number
  • Aside of system folder OS will seek IPS patches in ROM folder also (patch name should match to the ROM name)
  • Speed improvement for IPS parcher
  • Included MSU-MD patch for ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron. Thanks to @32mbit for making this patch.
  • Minor system improvements

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