Genesis Sonic on SNES Tech Demo

John Linneman from DF Retro just posted a new video highlighting the tech demo that ported Sonic The Hedgehog’s Green Hill Zone 3 to the Super Nintendo.  This is not like previous romhacks that swap out the graphics of Super Mario World with Sonic, this is a brand new engine created for the Super Nintendo by the developer TiagoSC!

Tiago says his goal was to build this tech demo as a way to test his game engine, which he’ll eventually use to create an original game from the Super Nintendo that runs as fast and fluid as the Sonic games!  It’s exciting to see a game of this style on the Super Nintendo and I’m looking forward to playing his original game when it’s eventually released.  Anyone can try out his tech demo now and it’ll even work on original hardware with a ROM Cart.

Here’s the original thread:
Link to SNES Rom:


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