GBS-Control: Complete UI Overhaul

The GBS-Control project is a software + hardware hack that converts cheap GBS boards from laggy, low-quality scalers into an amazing tool for your retro gaming setup!  Now, the user interface for that project has gotten a complete overhaul, thanks to xps3riments!  If you’ve already built a GBS-C, skip to the software setup and use the Arduino software to flash the latest version.  If you’re building it for the first time, simply follow the same instructions on github and in the video above and it’ll automatically include the new software.  Here’s all the links:

GBS-C Updated Master File (for upgrading):
GBS Control Full Installation Guide:
ESP8266 WiFi Module for GBS Control:
Clock generator:

The new UI is formatted to work on a cellphone (although still looks good in a desktop browser) and is really easy to navigate.  Click on the picture below for a full-sized view of the new UI pages:

UPDATE 03/09/2021:  The original post discussed and showed misspellings in the UI, but those have already been fixed!

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