Tito from Mach Nacho productions recently posted a video about a new Game Boy Advance IPS screen mod, that also includes composite video (cvbs) out!  This feature is added through the link port and activated by pressing and holding Select+R+L for 5 seconds.  As usual, Tito’s video goes over the installation and features, but the most interesting thing about this mod is definitely the composite video output via the custom cable.  It also appears most of the link cable port’s functionality is retained, making this a pretty clean way to get composite out, without awkwardly mounting any other port.

TV-Out IPS Kit:
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Tito tested the composite video output on a CRT, via the 240p test suite and confirmed that the output is 240p and not processed as 480i, like the original innovation adapter.  That means there’s no worrying about “interlaced flicker” and this will probably look great on a CRT.

Below are some screenshots he took through a RetroTINK 2x Pro, into an Elgato HD60S+.  It looks good for composite video, but this is no GBAz / GBi killer – You’ll still want to look into those options for flat-panel gaming.  Still, if you game primarily on the handheld itself and just occasionally want to play on a TV, this is a cool feature!

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