Dreamcast Tips & Tricks

I just posted a video that showcases my favorite Dreamcast mods.  Please note that I didn’t cover every mod available, just the ones I felt would be relevant to your average retro gamer.  The video is below and here are links to everything discussed:

VGA+SCART Cable from thefoo.83:
Retro Gaming Cables:

OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter):

Cheap HDMI Cable #1:
Cheap HDMI Cable #2:

Dreamcast arcade stick shown from this review:
High-end arcade stick shown in the video:

VMU Battery (CR2032, NOT for internal battery replacement!!!):

Desoldering Gun:
Internal Replacement Battery (ML2032):
Cheaper Alternative (LIR2032, untested):
Vertical Holder for Dreamcast Battery:

3D Printed Fan Kit (no fan):
Fan for kit:
3D Design Files:

3D printed GDEMU tray:
3D Printed USBGDROM tray:

Resistor for voltage regulator mod (if you decide not to remove it):

My SD Card:
SD that fits pretty much the whole library:

Upcoming DCHDMI Solution:



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