Candy Cab Coin Button – “Coin Slot” Top

Joe aka Mid-Geek Crisis recently uploaded a design for a 3D printed “Coin Slot”, to be used with the Candy Cab Coin Button project (CCCB).  While that project worked exactly as I hoped, Joe took it to the next level, as his design keeps the look of the original coin slot, but retains the full functionality of the

CCCB Top – 3D Print Files:
Threaded Inserts*:
Original Project:
Check roundup episodes #332, #333 & #334 for instructions on how to order these prints from JLCPCB!

While the original installation instructions are above, here’s a video showing some mounting tips with this 3D print:

*I linked to the exact assorted kit of threaded inserts I used, both to share the exact components and because they were the same price as just the size I used.

Also, while yes, we could just make the holes in the 3D print smaller and use self-tapping screws, doing it this way allows for a tolerance between different coin slot mounting.  We’re always open to improvements though, so let us know on social media if there’s an easier way that also allows for the same wide range of compatibility this does!

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