Borti updates N64Advanced Firmware

Borti just posted a new firmware for his open-source, N64Advanced board:

  According to Borti, the update includes some minor fixes, plus:

  • Improved timing constraints (also for #N64RGB)
  • New scanline method (considering neighbored lines instead of just previous or next one)
  • Improved 480i de-interlacing

The N64Advanced is one of two video kits designed by Borti for the N64;  This is the more advanced kit that supports resolutions up to 480p, as well as multiple video modes (RGB, RGsB, YPbPr, VGA).  His other N64 board is a straightforward RGB mod, but includes some of the same extra features of the advanced, such as de-blur modes and 15-bit video.  Check out Borti’s main github for all his open-source projects and for more N64 RGB info, check out the main page here:


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