BigPEmu Jaguar Emulator Update

Rich Whitehouse recently released a version of his Atari Jaguar emulator that includes a script to greatly improve one of the most notorious Jaguar games:  Checkered Flag.  Rich added things like native resolution rendering, analog controller support and framerate unlocking.  If you’ve ever played the original version of this game, you have to try it on this emulator with the new script…I think you’ll be shocked.  As always, the emulator is free, but please consider supporting Rich on Patreon so we can see more amazing updates like this one:

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The full list of changes are as-follows:

  • Added a Checkered Flag script, which features native resolution rendering, analog controller support, framerate unlocking, and lots of tweaks/options.
  • Added a new Tempest 2000 script to patch some of the rotary controller bugs that existed on hardware.
  • Added support for “AUDIOWITHSUB” track types in the CUE loader.
  • Added an “optree” debug command. (only relevant for developer builds)
  • Native CRY rendering and ADDDSEL blending is now supported through the native polygon script interface.
  • New scripting functionality to hook into save/load state events, allowing scripts to pack custom data into saved states.
  • Fixed a potential resource leak when associating textured native polygons with a buffer.
  • Fixed changes to the MSAA setting sometimes not being reflected until restarting the application.
  • Fixed potential flickering and other visual problems after re-allocating native polygon hardware buffers.

If you’d like to hear more from Rich, please check out the interview we did awhile back!  You can watch it here, or just search any podcast app for “RetroRGB Whitehouse”:

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