BigPEmu Jaguar Emulator – JagLink Support!

Rich Whitehouse recently released a version of his Atari Jaguar emulator that supports the JagLink protocol, as well as netplay for 2-players!  Rich also manually programmed in a multiplayer mode to Alien vs Predator, which is absolutely nuts!  For more info on that, as well as netplay, please see the video above.  Rich’s video at the bottom of this post talks about using JagLink, although that video concentrates on LAN support, not netplay.  And lastly, while the BigPEmu emulator is free, please consider supporting Rich so these features keep coming!:

Support Rich Here:
Download BigPEmu:

UPDATE:  This post was updated after Rich added the crazy multiplayer AVP support, as well as netplay.  In theory, the multiplayer mode can support up to 32 players, but Rich only tested up to 4.  I decided to update this post, as opposed to write a new one, as the original was was completely obsolete and they were only a few days apart.  Nuts how fast this progressed!

If you’d like to hear more from Rich, please check out the interview we did awhile back!  You can watch it here, or just search any podcast app for “RetroRGB Whitehouse”:

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