Rany Battikh

Vector monitor XY Kit

Looking for another use for that 19″ consumer-grade CRT?   Well you can now turn the latter into a vector monitor!

The XY Kit, initially designed by Fred Konopaska, consists mainly of high voltage and deflection boards. The project has now been handed to Barry Shilmover who is currently improving upon the original design, assembling kits and taking pre-orders.

I got in contact with Barry and he informed me that the XY kit is based on the Atari Amplifone used in arcade cabinets/games such as Star Wars (1983). And in order to work properly in conjunction with the kit, the donor tube will require a yoke rewind.

The XY kit’s price point is set at 350$. It currently only supports 19-inch non-flat CRTs but Barry stated that it could possibly work on bigger tubes but will require further modification.

That’s a perfect solution for replacing those 35-year old arcade monitors and probably setting up a Raspberry Pi Vectrex station.

The XY Kit official facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/280646265896719/