Rany Battikh

The Mega SD will run Virtua Racing!

Terraonion just announced that their upcoming Mega SD romcart/FPGA device will support (through a future firmware update) the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Virtua Racing.

Throughout the years, running Virtua Racing on clone systems, some emulators and FPGA cores often seemed to be problematic to say the least, as support for Sega’s SVP DSP couldn’t be easily achieved.

Recently, srg320 implemented the elusive SVP into the Mister‘s Genesis/Mega Drive core. Terraonion ported that “soft-core” into the Mega SD giving us, the users, access to Virtua Racing on real hardware, through a romcart for the very first time.

We haven’t even received the Mega SD yet and it’s already getting a ton of cool updates every now and then; I sincerely hope that Terraonion keep on bringing exciting new features to it in the future.

PS: Terraonion posted a youtube video showing Virtua Racing running on the Mega SD but there seems to be a few glitches (check the the tachometer at the top left of the screen) during gameplay. I’m sure that any bugs will eventually be ironed out before the final public release of the upcoming firmware.

Mega SD:  https://bit.ly/terraonionmegasd