Taito Egret II Mini Announced

Taito has just announced a “mini” version of their Egret II arcade cabinet that features a 5″, 4:3 screen that pops out and rotates between horizontal and vertical orientation.  It also comes with an SD card slot that allows you to add more games – A feature lacking from all the other mini consoles (without a hack).  The price will be $170, with an expansion controller offered at $110 that features a trackball.  There’s also more stick options and a bundle…all scheduled to be released on March 2, 2022.

More info:

I normally don’t pay any mind to these “mini” consoles, unless there’s a specific feature that stands out.  For me personally, most of these are just toys that sit on shelves as decorations…but the ability to rotate the screen and add more games via SD certainly makes this one stand out above the rest.  While I’m sure it won’t be a “pro gaming” solution, it seems like something that’s fun to play, even just for the tactile feedback of rotating your screen for vertically-oriented games!  I’m not sure if that’s worth $170 and up to most people, but if you’re a fan of the Egret II (or if you own a real one!), this might be a fun purchase.

Here’s a list of currently included games, which may change at time of release:

Main game list:

Game Screen orientation Release year
Space Invader Vertical 1978
Lunar Rescue Vertical 1979
Quicks Vertical 1981
Elevator action side 1983
Chack’n Pop side 1983
Bubble bobble side 1986
Rastan saga side year 1987
Rainbow Islands EXTRA side 1988
New Zealand Story side 1988
Dondokodon side in 1989
Violence Fight side in 1989
Cadash side in 1989
Liquid Kids Adventure side 1990
Metal black side year 1991
Kaiser Knuckle side 1994

Trackball expansion controller games:

Game Screen orientation Release year
Strike bowling Vertical 1982
Arkanoid Vertical 1986
Plump pop side year 1987
Syvalion side 1988
Cameltry side in 1989
Arkanoid Returns side 1997
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