SaturnSwitcher ODE

Will’s Console Mods will be opening a new batch of orders for the “SaturnSwitcher” this Monday March 21st at 1:30PM NYC time.  This device allows you to keep your original optical drive in place alongside the Fenrir Optical Drive Emulator, which is not included.  The SD card has been relocated to the expansion slot in back, which will also contain the switch that toggles between ODE and original drive.  At the moment, only Saturn’s with the 20-pin drive are compatible (21-pin’s are coming!), so please make sure to check your console before purchasing.  Price is around $60 plus shipping:

Purchase Fenrir (select 20-pin from the menu):
Satiator P&P ODE:

This is a really interesting device that I wish was available for all ODE’s.  While I definitely prefer loading .iso’s over using my discs, sometimes people enjoy the nostalgia of loading a physical game…especially if you have a big collection you’re proud of!  The price seems about right too, as the combination of Fenrir + SaturnSwitcher is still at least $60 cheaper than a Satiator.  That said, if you’d like to use your ODE on multiple Saturn’s without any disassembly, the Satiator is worth looking into.

Also, I spoke to Will who confirmed more of the 20-pin, as well as a batch of 21-pin are coming after this pre-order is over.  So, if you miss it this time, there’s still hope to get one in the near future!

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