S-Video Adapter Cable for JVC TM-1500PS

Fidde is now selling an S-Video adapter cable for certain model JVC RGB Monitors.  These displays had a port on that back that could accept a standard Luma / Chroma (Y/C) S-Video signal, but using a non-standard port.  Fidde has created a shielded adapter cable, that allows you to route and standard S-Video cable right into this port.  The price is about $30 plus shipping:

Purchase Here:

If you’re an owner of a JVC monitor with that 7-pin Y/C input, this adapter might be a really big deal for you – Especially if the display doesn’t support RGB or YPbPr component video.  You can still find lots of professional video monitors in good condition for great prices that don’t have RGB inputs.  While the higher TVL usually provides a better picture for composite video than many consumer-grade TV’s, the jump in sharpness from composite to (properly shielded) S-Video is a bigger jump than S-Video to RGB.  Adding this adapter to your monitor should feel like a big upgrade if you’re currently using composite and heck, even if your JVC monitor already has RGB inputs, at least this can let you route S-Video-only consoles directly to your display!

A few quick notes:  First, the switch in the picture is set to “open” – You’ll want to set this to “75ohm”, unless you’re setting up a passthrough.  And next, Fidde can make a custom “output” version of this cable, for people who want to game on their monitor, but stream via something like a RetroTINK.  No need for an active splitter circuit, just use the monitor as the passthrough, set the switch to “open” and safely output to both at the same time!

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