RGB mods for CRTs just got better.

Razor sharp analog RGB video has always been coveted by North Americans.  Aside from some rare models, consumer NTSC CRT TVs lacked the ability to display native RGB.  Over the past decade, RGB mods have picked up steam in the CRT enthusiast community.  The original RGB modifications involved tapping into the unused RBG and blanking lines generated at the Jungle IC.  You also need to install a manual switch to inject the blanking signal and switch the RGB input to “on.”  Then you had to construct an input for the modification and tune your signals.  That has all changed thanks to a kit from Sector Sunthar.  Sunthar has produced RGB Mux mod kits for CRTs.  These require no manual switch and enable for a cleaner install.

I decided to try the kit out on a Sony KV-35V36.  This TV is from the mid to late 1990s and only goes up to S-video on input support.  The kit from Sector Sunthar arrived pre-assembled with the resistors and diodes for this modification already partially installed.  I was able to use the guides from Sunthar’s website to install the RGB Mux kit.  This TV has the AA2D chassis from Sony.  The installation process involves removing three surface mount resistors, installing a provided diode and then simply running conductors to the spots on the board.  Below are pictures of the RGB installation:

The Sony KV-35V36

I opted to place the SCART input here.  The modification works great and drastically improves the image quality of the CRT.  The SCART input works by simply plugging it in and sending in a signal.  The signal will override any current input and the RGB image will automatically show on the screen.  The modification does not inhibit the OSD, so you can have a RGB signal sent into the TV and use the service menu to make easy adjustments.  To use the TV in its standard mode, unplug the Scart and you can once again use any input on the TV as normal.

Please note that not every CRT is RGB mod ready.  Also, each installation will be different depending on the model of the TV.  Please check the Sector Sunthar website to see if your CRT is eligible and to get details on installation for your unique TV:  https://sector.sunthar.com/

The above video details the restoration and RGB Mux kit installation on the Sony KV-35V36.

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