More Replacement Console Feet

Greg from LaserBear has just added rubber replacement feet for the Dreamcast, PlayStation 1, NES top loader, SNES Jr, AV Famicom, N64 and Gameboy Player.  He was previously selling feet for SNES/SFC, NES, Famicom, FDS, AES and Xbox.  The prices range from $2.50 to $6, but definitely check the sale page to make sure you purchase the correct quantity and size for your console!

Purchase Here:

Having “shoeless” consoles is a pet peeve of mine!  Not only do the original rubber feet help keep the consoles from sliding on a surface, they act as protection as well!  I’ve seen both consoles and surfaces get scratched when original rubber feet deteriorate and fall off.

Also, it’s my opinion that if you’ve bought one of the amazing clear replacement cases being sold today, you should consider new feet as well – Both for protection and to continue that “new look feel” you get from high quality replacement cases!  When Greg first started selling these, I bought a bunch for my Retro Game Restore clear shells and I’m so happy I did!  While this post specifically talks about the transparent red NES shells, links to all are there if you’d like to check those out as well:

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