RetroPSU Production Issues

The creator of RetroPSU products posted an update expressing their heartfelt frustration with their production schedule:

The update provides a picture of the latest PSU, as well as a detailed description of the known issues currently plaguing production.  In short, the latest batch of PSU’s have been delayed, due to a communication dropout with the manufacturer.  The creator claims that anyone not willing to wait for the issues to be sorted out can request a refund at any time, but he’s trying his best to power through and complete the orders.

It’s my (Bob) personal opinion that in situations like this, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.  Now, I’ve obviously been spectacularly wrong before in the past, but I’d rather hope for the best then “kick someone when they’re down”.  Let’s hope both the situation and the PSU performance themselves works out for the best.

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