RetroFrog Neo2USB adapter pre-order for MiSTerFPGA

RetroFrog recently announced pre-orders for the Neo2USB low-latency controller adapter on Wednesday, August 18th at 12:00 EST.

The Neo2USB adapter utilizes open source controller code and provides inputs for all directions and four buttons, start, and select. It’s average usb polling is less than 1ms. Who could ask for more?

I was able to procure the Neo2USB from RetroFrog and test this product before pre-order’s open up.

In my opinion it’s a firm adapter and pairs nicely with MiSTerFPGA. I highly recommend it!

The Neo2USB registered in Windows too, I was able to use my Neo Geo CD controller pad after connecting the adapter.

Not only is the Neo2SD sleek and sexy, it’s sturdy as well. There’s no need to worry about woes with the micro-usb port due to the design used for housing the Arduino.

Here are a few photo’s of Neo2USB and the link for pre-orders opening on Wednesday, August 18th at 12:00 EST. バスターウルフ!!!

RetroFrog Neo2USB adapter pre-order page goes live on Wednesday, August 18th at 12:00 EST:


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