OSSC Pro + Retro PC’s Demo’d

Rees just posted an excellent video showing the compatibility of retro PC’s through the OSSC Pro.  While the video was pretty laid back (in a good way!), it’s also critically important for people with computer’s from the 80’s and 90’s.  This is especially true for PC’s that output odd refresh rates, as the original Open Source Scan Converter was essentially a line multiplier that left the refresh rate completely unchanged – This meant the OSSC itself was compatible with almost everything, but it was up to your display to handle the refresh rate.  With the OSSC Pro’s “scaler mode” enabled, it converts the refresh rate to something almost all displays can understand, making it and excellent choice for odd PC’s and arcade boards.  Check out the video above to see it in action, plus more info after the links:

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I’m so happy Rees made this video, as it’s really helping to clarify what most of us in the scene who own all of these scalers have been saying:  The OSSC Pro is an amazing and underrated option for so many different use case scenarios.  Sure, the RetroTINK 4K will be the king of scalers for the foreseeable future and can handle retro PC’s without issue…but it’s double the price.  And if you don’t need 4K output, or all the awesome extra features, then (respectfully), it’s not worth the extra cost.

…and while the RetroTINK 5x is still the best mid-range scaler for most consoles, it was never designed with retro PC’s and arcade boards in mind.  As Rees demo’d in this video, here’s where the OSSC Pro really shines!  Of course, it does a great job with consoles as well and it’s HDMI input makes it both an amazing downscaler and a great option for HDMI options like the Carby…but at the moment, it’s my strong opinion that this is it’s niche:  There’s nothing else in the OSSC Pro’s price range that can handle both analog and digital inputs, with the same compatibility and performance.  I really hope we get more reviews and I hope they’re able to manufacture enough to keep in stock.

UPDATE: Rees also added a video to his second channel, showing how the Atari ST PC works with the OSSC, OSSC Pro and RT5x:

If you’d like to hear more from Rees, check out a podcast we did awhile back.  Just search any podcast app for “RetroRGB Rees”, or check out the video here:

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