I/O Cover for Megaswitch HD + Retro Game Restore Shell

Thanks to Printables user kakurohe, a 3D-printable I/O shield is now available for Megaswitch HD users who are installing in a Retro Game Restore case.  This will allow for a clean look and dust protection…and if you have a resin printer, you might even be able to get a clear look to it as well!  This is released via a Creative Commons 4.0 International License, so feel free to print your own, but don’t sell them in a webstore:

Download Here:
Megaswitch HD:
RGR Clear Shells:

I really think little details like this make a difference when you’re upgrading your console.  Sure, you don’t need an I/O plate, but if you’ve already invested in a beautiful RGR shell and an HDMI upgrade, why not “complete” the console with a rear plate?

Also, if you’d like more info on this awesome HDMI mod, check out the summary post above, or the livestream below:

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