Neo SD Loader Now Supports Front-Loading Consoles

Furrtek has just posted a firmware update for the Neo SD Loader optical drive emulator, for the Neo Geo CD.  The most notable features are increased loading speed, as well as support for the front-loading models of the NGCD, as opposed to just the top-loading models.  This is excellent news if you have a front-loader!!!

Firmware v0.9b:
Support Furrtek:
Neo SD Loader Open Source Files:

One thing to note is the original version of this firmware (v0.9) caused a bug with King Of Fighters 98′.  If you haven’t upgraded yet from v0.8, just grab the latest file and you’ll be fine.  If you already updated, simply re-flash with v0.9b.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Feature: Front-loading consoles support
  • Feature: Loading speed increased by 20%
  • Feature: Region setting is now applied to the stock BIOS
  • Bugfix: Last Blade 2 and Samurai Shodown 4 in-game loading
  • Bugfix: Exit from screen saver with start or select
  • Bugfix: IGM can be properly controlled by P2
  • Bugfix: Increased timeout value for slow SD cards
  • Bugfix: Added retries for SD card initialization
  • Cheats: Galaxy Fight, Pulstar
  • Candy: Loading animation speed setting
  • Candy: Changed highlighted text palette
  • Candy: LED changes color when writing saves

Known bugs:

  • CDDA tracks sometimes start playing a bit too late.
  • Samurai Spirits RPG does not load.

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