Laser Bear’s OpenMVS 3D Printed Shells

Greg from Laser Bear is now selling his version of the 3D printed shell for the OpenMVS project.  The new design splits the top section into two pieces, which allows it to be printed on smaller printers.  This doesn’t sacrifice any quality and many people might prefer the aesthetics of a two-tone look.

You can purchase them directly from Greg for $100, with a choice of five colors for the main piece, as well as a choice of the OMVS logo, or no logo.  Alternatively, you can download the files to print your own.  Please note, this is only the shell – You’ll need to provide your own MV1C motherboard and you’ll need the electronics kit as well.  Check below for more info:

Purchase the shell from LaserBear:
Purchase the electronics kit from Avram:
More info on the OpenMVS:
Download the 3D print files here:

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