Neo BIOS Masta & VMC In Stock

Brian Hargrove has just posted both the Neo BIOS Masta 2020 and the Neo BIOS Masta VMC for sale.  These will work with the MV1B, MV1C, MV1A and MV1FZ Neo Geo MVS motherboards;  The BIOS Masta allows an easy installation of the UniBIOS and the VMC version also implements a virtual memory card.

They’re the first two links here, available until they say “sold out”:
UniBIOS NOT included:

These boards are extremely sought after for a few reasons.  The first is ease of installation:  Using one of these requires only lifting a pin and soldering one or two wires for a UniBIOS installation, as opposed to swapping out chips, or soldering many wires for the original install.  It’s my opinion that the UniBIOS isn’t necessary (but still cool) if you’re using a ROM Cart, but is extremely helpful if you’re using original cartridges, as it allows a lot more control over them.  The latest version of the UniBIOS also adds some features and fixes when used with the 161-in-1, so it might be a perfect match if you’re using one of those.

Also, the VMC works in conjunction with the UniBIOS to allow the MVS to think there’s a high capacity memory card connected.  I’ll admit that at first, I didn’t realize how cool the VMC was…until I actually purchased one.  After having my progress automatically saved in games and being able to pick up where I left off, it’s hard to go back to not using one!  It’s also a great option for people building an OpenMVS that want full functionality:

Here’s the ROM carts mentioned:

Neo SD Pro AES:
Neo SD Pro MVS:
Darksoft AES Multi:
Darksoft MVS Multi:
161-in-1 Multicart:

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