MiSTerFPGA News – Rally Bike, Kick And Run, N64, Neo Geo Pocket & More

Williams Y-Unit & Z-Unit

Pramod has had some problems with SDRAM on the Williams Y & Z Unit core but fortunately was able to solve it by making a frame buffer for DMA. In addition to that, Pramod also also solved another problem of overruns on the display out.

Another target for the core was reached, but Pramod now needs to find out why interrupts aren’t working with the new code.



If you’re curious about the current status of MiSTex is, Hans gave a small update.
He said that at this point, you can start porting and playing cores.

However, for it to be ready for end users, that will probably happen by the end of next year.

He also re-iterated that baseboards will be designed for QMTech FPGA boards that have Atrix100t and Kintex 325t.


Rally Bike

Thanks to work done by Darren__O and atrac17, Rally Bike is now playable on the MiSTerFPGA.

Atrac17 has a detailed and technical public patreon post involving the development of the core and I highly reccomend you check it out.

You can obtain the core by enabling the CoinOp Collection database in the UpdateAll script.


Flying Shark, Wardner, Twin Cobra

atract17 mentioned development work for Demons World, Flying Shark, Twin Cobra. Demons World is about 80% complete, and the TMS32010 DSP needs to be finished. After that, work will start on Flying Shark and Twin Cobra. Wardner is also linked to these games, but it was not mentioned as a future project.


Neo Geo Pocket

Unfortunately we are not getting a Neo Geo pocket core this week due to a bug in the CPU that’s causing the core to hang. However, Jotego will continue to prioritize work on this core because he feels that the core is very close to completion. There is no time frame for the next release.



Robert, has given us an update on the progress for the N64 Core. Here’s what’s done:

– all missing 64bit CPU instructions added
– CPU exception handling added
– first steps for savestate loading done
– allow output of arbitrary horizontal resolutions

Kick And Run

pierco has released a beta for the Kick And Run arcade core. This is a soccer/football game by Taito. The game is playable but a lot more work needs to be done. Some todo’s and current bugs are:

OSD: hasn’t been worked on yet.
Video sync: The game works on CRT displays, but there may be a few lines on the left and top that should not be visible normally. Same thing for HDMI.
Music: pierco believes the YM clock is incorrect.
There are some timing issues, so it’s possible for the game to crash after a certain amount of time.
DIP Switches: are not being read correctly.

You can download the core from the Pierco’s public patreon post.

Taito System SJ

Anton Gale fixed some bugs for the following games on the Taito System SJ core:

Time Tunnel
Space Seeker
Jungle Hunt
Space Seeker
Space Cruiser

The core is still in development and not available for download yet.