MiSTerFPGA News – OutRun, TMNT, Super Game Boy, GUN4IR and more

OutRun Core

Jotego has announced that he is working on Sega’s OutRun, an awesome retro racing game that still holds up today. On twitter he teases us that’s it coming real soon and also shows a screenshot of some of the source code files.



Jasen Hicks has completed his MiSTerFPGA case made for the JAMMIX IO Board. The JAMMIX is an IO board solution that can be used in an arcade cabinet using the JAMMA standard, or you can obtain a MiniITX case for it and consolize your MiSTer for the living room. The case will cost $180 and that will include worldwide shipping.


PSX Accuracy

James Mackenzie on Twitter has compared the Ridge Racer attract screen in MiSTer vs a real Playstation. After letting the two run together for 5765 frames, both system remained in sync. He has a video on his twitter account showing the two systems run side by side.


Playstation Core Updates

The Playstation core keeps getting constant bugfixes, even when the developer recently injured his hand. Fixes done this week involve video rendering bugs which affected Final Fantasy 6 and Ape Escape.


GUN4IR Support is official

The GUN4IR is now officially supported in MiSTer thanks to JB. Just update your MiSTer and you will have support for it. The GUN4IR is a light gun with very high accuracy and will work on any television on all cores that support lightgun gaming.



Niel Morrison 44 on github, has published his own version of the project that uses a color LCD display. It runs exactly the same as tty2oled, except you supply a folder full of PNG’s.

The MiSTer_tty2oled project allows you to add a display to your MiSTer FPGA and show information or images regarding the currently running core and Niel Morrison has created a color version of it.


Retro Frog Case

Todd Gill of RetroFrog has been working on two MiSTerFPGA cases. One is a compact case he released to Patreon subscribers.
The other has a unique design with a compartment for an MT32pi and another compartment for a SATA hard drive.


Cave Core Updates

Hot Dog Storm is coming to MiSTer via the Cave core. To get it working, nullobject, the developer, had to free up resources by moving the core frame buffers to the DE10 Nano’s DDR memory. Currently sound is not working in the core yet.



Furrtek has given some updates on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Core. It still needs a lot of work because Furrtek is still trying to figure out how some of the hardware works. Furrtek also shows the usefulness of software emulators like MAME. It’s helping with the progression of the core.


Variable Refresh Rate

Variable Refresh Rate support is now official. zakk enabled the ability for MiSTer to send freesync/VRR enable frames if your display supports it.

If you have a television that supports VRR then MiSTer will be able to automatically set your TV to the weird refresh rates that arcades, consoles, and computers support. This is much easier than configuring INI files to get those refresh rates working.


Super Game Boy core

paulbl-nl has officially released the Super Game Boy core and you can obtain it the next time you update your MiSTer.

The core features:
MSU-1 support
a cheat engine
and the ability to save and load backup Game Boy RAM


Tomy Tutor core

There is also a new core for the Tomy Tutor. This is a home computer that was first released in Japan in 1982 as the Pyuta targeting children. Tomy stated that it’s documentation would let an eight year old child use the computer wirhour adult supervision


Other Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

For the main MiSTer software:
Support for HDMI pixel repetition was added and some video tweaks were done by Martin Donlon.
Tweaks to the cheat menu were done by arit.
If a battery is available, there is now alternating info between battery and resolution.

For the SNES core, MSU1 data buffer was adjusted for a bigger video buffer. This fixes 512px video modes with HQ2x enable.

For the NES core:
There were PPU fixes by Kitrinx.
Kitrinx also added SNAC support for 3D glasses
paulb-nl made Famicom Disk System and MMC5 mapper fixes
and the framework was updated

For the Amiga core, support for analog joysticks was added and the framework was also updated.

For the SNK TripleZ80 core:
A ghost sprite glitch was permanently fixed in Alpha Mission. This was caused because of the development process for Ikari Warriors.