MiSTerFPGA News – Out Run Racing Wheel Support, Nemesis and More

Gaia Crusaders Out of Beta

Gaia Crusaders, a beat em up arcade game that ran on the Cave 68K hardware, is now out of beta and it can now be played the next time you update your MiSTer. This game was brought to MiSTer thanks to help from atrac17.

Out Run Racing Wheels

Atrac17 has confirmed racing wheel support is working on the Out Run core, but a driver patch to the Linux kernel does seem to be needed. Currently logitech and fanatek wheels are supported. Generic PS3 wheels might also work with the driver.

Nemesis Beta 2 Release

There is a new public beta release for the Nemesis core. This version fixes all known issues that were affecting beta release 1. You can see a list of all fixes in the project’s GitHub page. To obtain this core, you can use the update all script and turn on unofficial distributions. The core is fairly stable as currently there are no known issues, but if you do find any issues, you can report them to the projects GitHub.

RodLand Sound

pierco has completed 50% of the sound for the RodLand core, a task that was harder than expected. If you want to hear the sound progress, pierce has a twitter post with a video that previews it. If you’re interested in trying out this beta, then you can join pierco’s Patreon to download it.


There’s another project that lets you attach a color display to the MiSTerFPGA. It builds upon the tty2oled project. The developer connected a large128x32px RGB display, powered by an ESP32 running arduino for the marquee. His display is made up of multiple panels from Ali Express to create one large display. Displays this large are great for arcade cabinets or dedicated game rooms.

Scaling Ratios

birdybro created some excellent documentation of the scaling options for the MiSTerFPGA. The built-in scaler for MiSTer will take the lower resolutions of the original consoles, arcades and computers and stretch them to fit modern HDTV’s. That stretching or scaling can take different forms and give different looks. Some can make the image fit the entire screen but introduce some shimerring, while others can give you perfect pixels, but give you borders. In the MiSTer ini file you can choose how the image is scaled through the vscale mode option. birdybro gives detailed explanations of each value for vscale_mode so you can decide on your preferred look for the output.


Playstation Core

This weeks Playstation core fixes involve:

Stability fixes under the hood including with the main MiSTer software thanks to developer wickerwaka. There was also a bugfix in the MDEC to get Slam Dragon working fine.

Another fix involved Final Fantasy IX now running at the correct framerate when it’s raining.

And the developer added a new feature for those using CRT’s. Image quality is now significantly cleaned up for games using 24 bit color.

MiSTer Community Game Club

If you ever thought about being part of a sort of book club for retrogaming, then you have some options to play and discuss games together with the MiSTerFPGA community.

One option is to join the Game of the Month discussion on the MiSTerFPGA discord where each month users vote on what game to play and discuss.

Another option is on the MiSTerFPGA forum where a new forum thread is created for each round that a game is chosen for.

MiSTer Retro Wolf Core Development Episode 15

MiSTer Retro Wolf’s has released episode 15 of his core development video series. In this episode you will go over:

-CPU Interrupts and how it fits in to the controls of the game
-And go over what previous code needs to be change to make this work.


wickerwaka’s R-Type core now has sound. In the announcement twitter post you can hear the iconic opening music from the first level.