MiSTer FPGA News – Sega Saturn, N64 & More

Gamboy Advance Tests

There is a wiki page that documents the results of various emulators and hardware using test ROMs for the Gameboy Advance. Included are test results for the MiSTer FPGA. If you’re interested in these technical results then check out the page.


Nintendo 64

More updates to the N64 core. The new changes include.

More accurate controller handling.
File grain effect in Star Fox 64 was added.
Fixed RDP bugs.

Robert also has an article on Patreon explaining the N64’s video interface.


NFC Script

wizzo’s NFC script now has a new frontend that can write NFC tags straight from the MiSTer. It also added updates for custom commands, managing mappings and support for Lego Dimensions tags.


Sega Saturn

You can now use the update all script to download the Sega Saturn core, so it should start showing up in your console section once you update. There have been alot of updates to the core at lots more games are working now so check it out.



If you want more info about the MARSFPGA project directly from the MARS team, PixelCherryNinja has a couple of videos for you. One video talks about questions that PixelCherryNinja posed to the Cheif Operations Officer. Another video takes viewer questions that were answered by the MARS team.