MiSTer FPGA News – Saturn Update, Turbo OutRun, New Cores & More

New Arcade Core – Bosconian

A new core for Namcos arcade game Bosconian was released. Update your mister now to obtain it.


Internet on the Amiga Update

Last week I talked about a way to get the Amiga core on the internet using the commercial program RoadShow. That was a commercial software.

I was notified of other free alternatives for getting the Amiga core onto the internet. These include

The bundled Genesis TCP/IP stack in Amiga OS 3.9
MiamiDX for Amiga OS 3.2.1
AmiTCP (Commercial)


PCXT Core – Tandy 1000

A pre-release build of the PCXT core that has new Tandy 1000 graphics modes and IDE support is available for download from the MiSTer FPGA forums.


New Arcade Core – Congo Bongo

A Congo Bongo arcade core is now available from the projects GitHub.


Insert Coin Script

The Insert-Coin script, developed by funkycochise, is another script that downloads cores that other scripts might not, like builds of cores that have not reach Main yet. Of note is that it can download the latest build of the Saturn core for you. Check out the GitHub page to get full details on this script.


Psychic 5

Raki’s Psychic 5 core will officially come to MiSTer after SNAC support is added. If you don’t want to wait you can download it from Raki’s GitHub page.


Gallop (Arcade)

The Japanese version of Cosmic Cop, called Armed Police Unit Gallop, has been dumped by @Kold666 and will be coming to MiSTer. It’s a horizontal scrolling shmup based on Irems M82 hardware.


Saturn Core Update

The Saturn core has some updates. There were fixes to

CPU: Helped Fighting Vipers
SCU: Helped FIFA 97, Sky Target, PTO II and perhaps some other games.
VDP1: Helped Cyberia, PTOII, Street Fighter Alpha
VDP2: Helped Striker 96
SMPC: Helped Mansion of Hidden Souls
CD: Helped Striker 96


New Systems in Console Menu

The following systems will now have their own menu listing under the Consoles menu the next time you update your MiSTer.

Atari 2600
Game Boy Color (Still might no be updated)
Mega Duck
WonderSwan Color

This is thanks to Robert Garcia-Lago (@RGarciaLago) who created MiSTer Game Launcher(MGL) files to accomplish this.


Alpha Denshi Core

The beta for the Alpha Denshi core is now available. It was developed by Darren Olafson with assistance from atrac17. The core currently runs:

Gang Wars
Sky Adventure
Super Champion Baseball

You can obtain these core through the update all script and enabling CoinOp collection.


Turbo Out Run

Unfortunately there were issues with the NewZealand Story core, but we still got Turbo Out Run as a consolation price. You can download the core if your a Jotego patreon subscriber or wait until the core is out of beta.



The updates and features that have been added to the PlayStation core the past few weeks are finally available the next time you update your MiSTer. The new features are:

4 player analog multitap implemented by markun
480i to 480p hack

In addition to these, there were a lot of accuracy fixes implemented.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Exerion (Arcade)
Tropical Angel (Arcade)