MiSTer FPGA News – PCXT CORE, Truxton II, VIRTUA FIGHTER?!! and more

Missile Command

The Missile Command core is now at a point that it is playable.

Right now the core runs
has sound
all the DIP switch options work, and high score saving and reloading is working


Chameleon Core

The in-development Chameleon core has been converted from simultation to an actual MiSTer core. Making it closer to an official release. Since it’s still in development it’s not yet avaiable to the public.


Commodore 128

A new development/test release of the Commodore 128 core is available. You can obtain it from the MiSTer FPGA forums. It also requires a test MiSTer binary that will replace your current one. Make sure you back up the current one before replacing.


M72 Core

Ninja Spirit and Image Fight have been added to the M72 core. You can test these games out yourself by downloading the core from GitHub.



The PCXT Core has been officially released. You can update your MiSTer now to obtain it. This is a core that concetrates on older PC hardware. It’s purpose is to implement the IBM PCXT as relaiably as possible. A BIOS file is required, but you can obtain open source files from the project’s GitHub.


Prehistoric Isle

Darren has given a small update regarding SNK’s Prehistoric Isle.
A post on twitter shows the full attract screen demo playing through, but Darren notes that sprites still need debugging, but it’s getting there.


PSX Core Cycle Accuracy

The accuracy of the Playstation core just keeps on getting better and better, and there’s evidence to prove it.

Robert, the developer, has posted an image showing that the start, counting and reset of the the timer submodule are now cycle accurate to original hardware. Next on the list, is to improve some of the more advanced timer features. There’s also a Patreon post explaining exactly what the tests do.


Truxton II/Tatsujin core

Atrac17 has announced an alpha build for the arcade game Truxton II or Tatsujin O. You can test out the core for yourself by downloading it from GitHub.


Jotego Updates – Virtua Fighter?!

A new core has been released for Komani’s Roc’n Rope. It’s in beta and at the moment, it’s only available to Patreon subscribers.

Also of note, is that Jotego is hoping to hire an extra engineer to help with core development. This will be possible if 4000 Patreon subscribers are reached. Cores that the extra engineer will help out with are, The Simpsons, CPS3, Mortal Kombat and Virtua Fighter. Virtua Fighter really has me shocked.

Support Jotego on Patreon if you want to help with faster development of these cores.


New CreatiVision Core

Kitrinx has released a new core for the VTech CreatiVision system, also known as the Dick Smith Wizzard. This was a hybrid computer/video game console released in 1982.

The core supports the Laser 2001, which was a computer based on the CreatiVision hardware.
The full library of Creativision carts works.

A bios is required for this core and the readme will give you more information about this.
In the future, better cassette loading will be implemented, but at the moment, there is only a basic writer.


Other Miscellaneous Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

The core for Raizing arcade games recieved tons of fixes and some new features like screen flip and high score saving.

The main MiSTer software added support for the PCXT core and other fixes and tweaks.