MiSTer FPGA News – Outrun Breakthrough, Aero FIghters & More

Playstation Core

The Playstation Core now fulfills instruction cache fetch timing from real hardware, making the core even more accurate. If you want to try out these accuracy tests for yourself, Robert, the core developer, has them available on GitHub and you can also check out his Patreon for more detailed post on how updates are done and what they mean.


JimmyStones Core Updates

For the Sega/Gremline core, JimmyStones needs to learn how to use the circuit emulator in order to generate some sound samples.

He will also soon release a core for the BBC Bridge Companion. This was an 8bit console designed for teaching the Bridge card game. Before release, he wants to compare it to real hardware.

And finally JimmyStones is also working on getting a TTL game that is not in FPGA form yet. He currently chose a game that has bad schematics so he might have a difficult road. Let’s wish him luck.



h3llb3nt’s tty2rgbmatrix project can now load GIFs from an SD Card. Now you can have a list of animated images loaded on an SD card.

This project is a DIY MiSTerFPGA addon showing text, pictures or animated gifs on an RGB matrix panel powered by an ESP32. Instructions on how to build it are available in the projects github.

You can also check out the orginal project it’s based on called tty2oled and also another project that builds upon this one and adds wireless capabilities.


Xaind Sleena

Core developer Javier, has been working on a Xaind Sleena core. It was a game that was pending for over a year but now development has started and we are going to get a MiSTer core out of it. The latest progress shows that the dev fixed a sprite drawing bug.

If you support Javier, the developer, on Ko-fi, you will get some cool detailed and technical development updates regarding the core.


Zez Retro Projector Lag

Here’s a fun video done by Zez Retro. He connected a MiSTerFPGA to a projector located in a theatre to see what kind of lag you may experience. He used a timeslueth to get some measurements and also tested bluetooth and 2.4GHz controllers at different distances. Check out the video to see how things were setup and to see the final results.


Aero Fighters

pierco, who’s worked on cores such as Cosmo Police Galivan, Game & Watch and Rodland, purchased a PCB for the arcade game Aero Fighters thanks to his Patreon suscribers. So we should expect to see a core for this game in the future.

Also, pierco was asked about a Bank Panic core, and he is interested in developing it and it may be the next one he creates.


Jotego Updates, Neo Geo Pocket, Saturn

Jotego’s team keeps working on the Neo Geo Pocket core. They are currently working on reaching the industry standard 100% coverage verification.

Jotego was also asked about helping with the Saturn core. It turns out some users can’t get the core running and Jotego is taking a poll about who can and can’t get it running. If you would like to see the Saturn recieve a little help then head over to the poll and tell Jotego your experience.

We can also expect a new beta core for an arcade game at the end of this month. We’ll find out what game on Sept 30.

And there was a breakthrough with the OutRun core thanks to Gyurco and Jotego will be able to resume development. If you want to know more details and also a lot of other new info, check out Jotego’s Patreon.


Hotdog Storm

null object is fixing a couple of bugs for the Cave shooter Hotdog Storm before the game goes into beta testing. If you want to support the development of this game and be part of the beta test, then subscribe to nullobjects Patreon.



Anton Gale is developing a core for Jaleco’s arcade game Exerion, thanks to the wealth of information provided by the community.

If you check out Anton’s Twitter you can see lots of updates regarding the core, with a recent update showing that the video and main RAM tests are passing when running the diagnostic ROM.


Xtreme MiSTer XM-PRO Board

XTREME MISTER FPGA has shown off its third and last revision of the XM-PRO board. It’s ready for production and features, a remote config, custom active and passive cooling, a hi-end mono and stereo amp, JAMMA & JVS connections, embedded m.2 SATA slot and more.
On twitter you can see renders of alternative cases but they also have actual pictures of a complete setup.


EG2000 Colour Genie

A new core for the EG2000 Colour Genie computer has been released. This is a computer introduced in Germany in 1982 based on the Z80 processor. The MiSTer conversion was done by AlanSWX and CAS support was by Flandango


Other MiSTer FPGA updates

The PCXT core recieved the below updates.

– The audio mixer is based on the one present in the ao486 core
– There’s a new BIOS loader based on SDRAM, by kitune-san
– And there was ab 8288 fix, also by kitune-san