MiSTer FPGA News – New Video Presets, Use Real C64 Floppies & More

Cosmo Police Galivan & UFO Robo Dangar

pierco has publically released his core for Cosmo Police Galivan and UFO Robo Dangar. These are two arcade games from Nichibutsu from the 1980’s.

Cosmo Police Galivan is an action platformer. And UFO Robo Dangar is a vertically scrolling shooter. Update your MiSTer now to play them.


Dedicated Forum for Older PC Hardware

The MiSTerFPGA forums has added a dedicated section for cores based on older PC hardware such as the PCXT core.

The section is called “IBM PC, PCXT, Tandy 1000.”

If you want to discuss the new PCXT core or are looking for help, check out this new forum.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Unfortunately, it turns out that the SDRAM module will be required for the Ninja Turtles core. It turns out that the RAM will not fit in the DE10-Nanos BRAM. This will only really affect beginner setups, since a good way to slowly get into MiSTer is to just buy the DE10 Nano and a USB hub. There are many cores that will work without an external SDRAM module, but to take advantage of all the cores an SDRAM modules is a must.


C64 SNAC-IEC Adapter

Ultimate MiSTer, a vendor of MiSTer FPGA products is now selling a SNAC-IEC adapter for the C64 core. What this device does is allow you to use original Commodore 64 IEC devices, such as disk drives with the core. So, if you have any original Commodore 64 disk drives, then you can use real floppy disks with the core giving you a more authentic experience. The adapter costs 50 euros.


Neo Geo Pocket

Work on the Neo Geo Pocket is being concentrated on the CPU’s design verification. So far, no bugs have been found and test coverage for some modules reached 100%. Early work like this helps to build a more accurate core when starting the development process.


Playstation Core

The Playstation core has had its turbo option improved for even more speed gains. When this option is turned on, you can get some nice improvement in framerates in some games.


More Video Presets

Thanks to theypsilon’s option of adding custom databases to the update script we now have a custom database for video presets called Video Presets by Robby.

These are extra presets to change the look of your games. If you’re interested check out the databases’ github to see how to get them installed and updated every time you run your update script.


Other MiSTer FPGA updates

And other cores recieving fixes and updates are:

Inferno (Arcade)
Raizing (Mutliple Razing arcade games)
AO486 (Computer Core)
PCXT (Computer core)