MiSTer FPGA News – Groovy MiSTer Output Windows to CRT, MIDI Gameboy Core & More

3D printable keyboard case

Retro Frog released the 3D files freely available for their MiSTer FPGA keyboard case. It does requires a larger 3D printer as the larger parts are 306mm wide.


MiSTer MultiSystem Stock

Full setups of the MiSTer Multisystem are now available at They are now in a new low profile case that’s modeled after a Neo Geo AES . Stock of single boards are also available if you do not need a full setup.


MiSTerAddons Alumimun Cases

Mr. add-ons aluminum cases are now back in stock and with new colors. Full kits are available, as are the cases on their own for those that already have a MiSTer setup. In the future, lite versions of the kit will be available which contains everything you need except the DE10 nano.


Mini ITX Iron Clad Lite

D3fmod the creator of the mini ITX ironclad plus board, has created a more affordable version of the ironclad plus. Called the Iron Clad Lite, it is much slimmer and has an integrated PSU.

The ironclad light will go on sale on February 27th for an temporary introductory price of €110.



ModalModule released the GBMidi_MiSTer core which is a sound module for sending MIDI data to the implemented sound hardware of the Game Boy. You can then connect MIDI peripherals to your MiSTer and play music using the core. Great for musicians wanting to create chip tunes based.


Nintendo 64

The N64 core fixed some rendering issues that affected Factor 5 games like Star Wars Roguen Squadron and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.

Robert also posted a technical article on Patreon that goes over FPU bug fixing.

Another dithering issue that Kuro Houou discovered was also fixed.


Exidy Arcade Games

Anton Gale added the MRA for the Exidy arcade game Hard Hat. So this game should start showing up soon on your arcade games list.

Anton also told us that the games that run on the Exidy core are available for free and non-commercial use from the official MAME website.



Shane Lynch has released his MiSTerCast software. This program allows you to cast your PC screen to a CRT via a MiSTer FPGA running Groovy MiSTer. Great from playing low resolution content to a CRT. The latency is low enough to even play games with.


Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn core was updated with fixes that affected the following games:

VDP1 fixes:
Dragon Master Silk

VDP2 fixes:
Darius Gaiden
Route D
Yumimi Mix Remix
Bouken Katsugeki Mono Mono

SMPC Audio fixes:
Pro Pinball

SH704 fixes:
Super Tempo
Shutsudou! Miniskirt Police