MiSTer FPGA News – Groovy MiSTer, MiSTerCast, TapTo, MiSTex & More


Shane Lynch has released updates for MrCast, fixing several issues. One update addresses the incorrect use of commas as decimal points, improving functionality for European users. Another update significantly reduces CPU usage, with reports of up to 50% reduction.


Groovy MiSTer Banding

Ruleset has forked the Groovy MiSter core to support PWM, which reduces banding with high color content.

Groovy MiSter has also been updated with a new native LZ4 blitting inside the FPGA. Applications do need to be updated to support this. Shane Lynch is working on getting MiSTerCast updated.



Wizzo has posted a free patreon article that explains how to integrate TapTo and remote on the MiSTerFPGA using some new commands that were implemented. These commands can help trigger some events like controlling music playback.

Wizzo also added a shop listing for a do-it-yourself tattoo reader kit which has everything required to build at NFC reader except the NFC module.

Aitor Gomez Garcia is soon releasing an update to his forked MiSTer Main that has TapTo integration.

Bedroom Ninja also introduced an upcoming 3D printable case for NFC readers that is modeled after a Commodore 64 floppy drive and plans to release the 3D files on printables soon.

Ariel Aces also showed off some awesome Sega Genesis/Mega Drive TapTo designs for NFC cards.

And if you want to read a good overview of the TapTo project, check out the Verge’s artcle on the web.


N64 Boot ROM

Uberyoji recently released a boot rom animation for the Nintendo 64 core. You can obtain this boot ROM now and more for other consoles if you enable Uberyojis Boot ROMs in update all.


Nintendo 64

Two CPU bugs in the Nintendo 64 core have been fixed. These bug caused the Neon 64 NES emulator to crash. Additionally, an optional HDMI output mode has been added which enables the display of 480i games in 480p/60Hz, eliminating the need for a deinterlacer.



Hans Baier sent over a new revision of the MiSTex PCB board for fabrication. Improvements made to the board are external buttons and power switch connectors, signal integrity, ESD protection, test points, better headphone connector, USB docking points Raspberry Pi LED and analog inputs.

Hans also posted a video showing off a built mistex device running several cores. The MiSTex is running on an FPGA that 3 times the size of the DE10 Nano, and a fully built MiSTex system comes under $200.

If you want to help support the development of this project, Hans has a patreon where you can show your support. Hans is using all the proceeds to fund additional developers to help ports cores to Xilinx FPGA’s.


Gameboy MIDI

The Game Boy MIDI core is going to be updated to add the noise channel and allow individual patches per pulse channel.


Update all Analog Pocket



Jotego updates

Jotego and Artemio have been analyzing the Capcom CPS filter. Jotego says he understands the limitation of the current approach used and is working towards a more accurate replica of the filter.

Filter information for older cores is also planned to be updated.

Other Jotego updates include:
-The arcade game Kabuki Z is going to be supported soon.
-A different revision of the New Zealand Story is being added to the core.
-Bug fixes for Black Tiger, Outrun, Section Z and Legendary Wings


Sega Saturn

There’s been Sega Saturn fixes for the following games.

Burning Rangers

Sakura Wars

Pandemonium speed

Dark Seed

-add internal registers reset
-rework key on/off trigger

Slayers Royal
Assault Suit Leynos 2