MiSTer FPGA News – CPS3, NeoGeo Pocket, Mystery Core & More!


Core developer Pramod has completed verification on most of the NARC core and started synthesizing the core to see some real output.

He was able to get the core to boot and posted out of the high score table.


Spinner Support for Jotego Cores

Spinner support was added to Jotegos Midnight Resistance and Heavy Barrel cores.

UltimateMiSTer sells a spinner that Jotego was using for testing. And if you’re a tinkerer, you can also build a spinner as mentioned in a article here on RetroRGB by Smokemonster.

I’m actually not sure how well these games will work with a dedidcated spinner because they use a rotary joystick.


BBC Bridge Companion Core

Developer Jimmy Stones has released a core for the BBC Bridge Companion. This was a console released in 1984 and was dedicated to just teaching the Bridge card game.


CPS3 Updates and Konami CPU

On Patreon, Jotego finished and released a PDF document of CPS3 schematics. Jotego also mentioned that a team member will start working on a Konami CPU that’s used on arcade games like Aliens and The Simpsons.


Playstation Core

The Playstation core has had another bug fixed. This one is CD related, and now that it’s fixed, the Japanese game Love & Destroy works.


Toaplan 2 Games

atrac17 has started working on the Z180 CPU, thanks to work previously done by Pramod. The Z180 is used on Toaplan2 hardware so will help with the core that’s currently in development for it.


Retro Frog Case

Retro Frog has released the 3D files for their consolized MiSTerFPGA case to Patreon subscribers. One of the unique features of the case is the spot to slot in a hard disk. It also provides extra USB ports and a power switch to easily turn on and of your MiSTer setup.


Midnight Resistance CPU

Jotego figured out an issue with the Midnight Resistance core running slow. It turns out the CPU runs at 12MHz instead of the 10MHz that other games with similar hardware used.

The public files for the game will get updated along with some added fixes to the game.



Jimmy Stones released an update to the Centipede core that adds a 400% speed option to the trackball emulation. This helps users with extremely slow devices.


DE10 Nano Price Increase

Antonio Villena, a vendor of MiSTer products, has confirmed that the price of the DE10 Nano will increase by 10 euros around March.


Ironclad Plus Hi-Fi Blaster

d3fmod has thier Hi-Fi Blaster board now available to add as an option when you order the Ironclad Plus IO Board. This board features:

-A higher quality DAC that will override the one on the DE10 Nano to provide better audio output.
-Enables the HDAUDIO header on the Ironclad Plus to provide true amplified headphones output.
-Solid electrolytic caps designed with audio quality in mind

This board will only work on the Ironclad Plus IO board that allows you to use your MiSTer in a computer case.


New Mystery Core by PSX Dev

Robert Peip, the developer of the Playstatation and Gameboy Advance cores (Along with a lot of other work), is now working on a new core for MiSTer. Right now he just start developing the software emulator for it. For all his cores, he always starts developing a software emulator that will be 1:1 compatible with the future core. It is easier for him to prototype the system using this method. The new system he’s emulating hasn’t been revealed yet but you can visit his Patreon too read what the emulator can do so so far and the significance of the software emulator.


New Jotego Cores Released to Public

Jotego has taken the following cores out of beta and released them to the public.

-Wonder Planet

Use update all to obtain these cores.


Haunted Castle Core

Jotego has mentioned that all the basic files for a Haunted Castle arcade core are in place. All that’s needed is the CPU to be ready, which they already are working on.

Haunted Castle is an original Castlevania game made for arcades.


Neo Geo Pocket

Jotego has mentioned that the Neo Geo Pocket core has been close to completion for many months so work on it has resumed to give it the final push.


Elevator Action

Anton Gale has extracted shcematics for parts of the Taito System SJ video board. This is the board that Elevator Action runs on. Creating these schematics are helping with understanding the architecture and also help get a head-start with implementing the core.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

MiSTer Main