MiSTer Discord Stage Event Feat Artemio, MickGyver, & Porkchop Express

The latest MiSTer Discord live event has just been posted, featuring MickGyver, Porkchop Express and host Artemio. These events are podcast-style, audio-only live discussions hosted on the main MiSTer discord, then released on YouTube and all major podcast platforms.  This one focuses quite a bit on controller latency and how we’re able to have such fast controller support with MiSTer!  Links for this episode are below.

Stage Events Podcast Page:

Mick’s store:
Mick’s Github:
Pork’s Shop:
Artemio / 240p Test Suite:

For those unfamiliar, MickGyver is the person who created those amazing controller-to-USB adapters that run on MiSTer at 1ms or less!  They’re the perfect solution for anything other than light guns and also compatible with PC, Raspberry Pi and pretty much everything else that is compatible with a USB controller.  Mick’s also got a few interesting new products in the works as well, that he talks about in the interview.

Porkchop Express is the person who runs the MiSTer Addons web store, which sells everything from complete MiSTer kits, to cases, I/O boards and everything MiSTer-related.  They discuss some of his cases, as well as MiSTerCade and it’s creation.

And of course, the host Artemio needs no introduction!  If you’re curious what these awesome individuals have to say, please give it a listen on your preferred platform, or direct from

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