Mirror your PC Screen to a CRT with MiSTerCast

The Groovy MiSTer project has completely changed the way I use the MiSTer FPGA by allowing me to easily output content from a computer to a CRT. With a supported computer application, like an emulator, you can play games on a CRT that are not supported on the MiSTerFPGA at very low latencies. 

Shane Lynch’s MiSTerCast application takes things a step further by enabling us to send any content from our PC to Groovy MiSTer. Instead of relying on a program to natively output to Groovy MiSTer, Shane’s application outputs your entire Windows desktop. This opens up a world of possibilities, like enjoying modern retro-style indie games with a truly authentic CRT look, view standard-definition media like movies and TV shows, output YouTube and so much more. Whatever your desktop can display, MiSTerCast can send it to your CRT.

It is still important for applications to add Groovy MiSTer support and not rely on MiSTerCast. Native support will allow better latency and output correct resolutions and refresh rates for the content being displayed. While the latency with MiSTerCast is good enough to casually play games, it is not good enough for more competitive style gameplay.

This does require a MiSTer FPGA that’s connected to a CRT and is on the same wired network as your PC.. In the above video I go over several use cases for MiSTerCast and a quick guide on how to set it up. For a more detailed guide on the setup, check out the GitHub link below.