Laser Bit Genesis to USB Controller Adapters: Pre-Orders Open

Greg from LaserBear has just opened pre-orders on Genesis to USB controller adapters.  These are based on Mick Gyver‘s open source design and have been tested at less than 1ms latency!  Greg’s selling them as completed units for $35, DIY kits you can assemble yourself for $25 and DIY kits without the microcontroller for $14.  They’re expected to ship in May of this year:

Pre-order Laser Bit Adapters:
Mick’s Github:
MiSTer Controller Latency:

I’ve been using Mick’s adapters for over a year now and in my opinion, they’re the best way to use original Genesis controllers, or even wireless ones from 8Bitdo or Krikzz via USB.  The latency is absolutely undetectable by humans and anyone who builds them properly will have the perfect adapter for use on MiSTer, Raspberry Pi, PC and basically any device that accepts USB inputs.  “Builds them properly” is the key phrase there, so make sure to buy from reputable sellers like LaserBear who’ll keep the quality high while putting their own spin on it, or from Mick directly when they’re in stock.  Basically, just avoid fly-by-night eBay sellers who sell glue-filled junk and stick to names you know.

Honestly though, if you’re looking to connect any non-light gun Genesis / Mega Drive…or I guess even Master System controller to USB, this is the adapter for you!

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