Install RetroNAS in an UnRAID VM

Dustin Dembrosky aka “Dasutin” has posted a detailed guide showing you how to install RetroNAS on an UnRAID server via a Virtual Machine.  You’ll need some basic familiarity with what it takes to create an UnRAID VM, but if you’re already running other VM’s on your server, this will be a piece of cake!  Here’s links, plus check out more information below…

Dustin’s Guide:

I used Dustin’s guide and have been running RetroNAS on my UnRAID server for over six months with zero issues.  In fact, it was such a “set and forget” installation, that I completely forgot to write this post.  What a moron, I know.

Seriously though, just get the VM configured, set it to auto-boot with your server and you’ll never have to think about it again.  You won’t even need to open the VM itself after creation, since you can just access RetroNAS from a web browser using the VM’s IP address :9090.

Here’s some more videos, if you’d like to learn more about either project.  I have an interview with Ed aka Space Invader One, who’s a YouTuber making great UnRAID-focused content.  I also have a launch day video about RetroNAS, but there’s been a ton of additions since then, so please check the main project page for more info.

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