Gun4IR Black Friday Sale

JayBee is offering a 20% discount on all Gun4IR kits, as a Black Friday special.  These are “light gun” kits that allow you to replace the guts of a Guncon with new components that will work with both software and hardware emulation.  You’ll need a few components, as well as a license to run the configuration software and all are part of the 20% off sale.  You can also buy pre-made kits at a premium from the store linked below.  More info below the links:

Purchase Here:
DIY License:
DIY Forum:,161189.0.html
Discord Server:
Pre-Made Kits:

I recently demo’d the Gun4IR with creator JayBee on a livestream and was very impressed with the results.  It’s MiSTer integration is the best lightgun emulation I’ve tested so far and while it could be a bit more streamlined (on the MiSTer side), it was a good experience overall.  Just remember to securely fasten the receivers to the TV and not use painter’s tape, like I did for my temporary installation 🙂  Tons of footage and thoughts in the stream below:

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