GBC IPS Replacement Screen Kit has recently released an IPS screen replacement kit for the Game Boy Color.  This apparently uses the same screen as the GBA IPS kit, with a different ribbon cable for the GBC:

Installation requires you to cut plastic on the inside of the case, making it an irreversible mod.  Luckily, replacement GBC housings are inexpensive and easy to get, so I recommend getting one of those as well:

One cool bonus is the screen seems to be the same size as the original, meaning you can use the original screen protector, or use a standard (and highly recommended) glass screen protector.  This is a cool bonus, as the previous LCD kits for the GBC has a smaller screen, meaning you either ended up with the LCD’s metal visible, or you had to buy a custom glass screen protector, that seemed to always be out of stock.

I hope to get one in soon and compare it to the original solution, as I previously did with the GBA screens!

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