Rany Battikh

Game Boy Color Replacement LCD Module by Midwest Embedded

Yet another LCD replacement screen for the Game Boy Color has surfaced lately, this time it’s by Midwest Embedded.

Described as a drop-in replacement for the original GBC screen, the ME LCD module still requires some modification to be done to the case/shell (slight trimming around the frame and cutting). The picture is displayed in a 4x integer scale, 8 levels of brightness can be toggled by pressing a combination of buttons (this feature involves soldering a few more wires) and with the new screen installed, the GBC is advertised to run for 3 hours with 1900 mAH AA batteries.

This is the third option to be announced during the past few months alongside McWill and BennVenn ‘s offerings and it’s priced right between the other 2 solutions, at 65$.

GBC enthusiasts now have three great products to pick from, for a long-anticipated decent backlight mod.

Official product page: https://www.mw-embedded.com/product/gameboy-color-replacement-lcd-module/