Dreamcast: Metal & Wood Case Shells

TR Fight Stick is working on both wood and metal shells for the Sega Dreamcast, in the same spirit as his metal Capcom CPS-3 Arcade shells. Prices haven’t been announced yet, but the CPS-3 shell was very reasonable considering the materials and quality of its execution. The case will support USB GDROM, GDEMU, and DCHDMI, but not the original GD-ROM drive.

Details & More Pictures at

1- Dreamcast Custom case.
The case almost finish. There will be 2 different version. Metal and Wood. I wanna prepare a whole packet which people can install their Dreamcast into my custom shell easily. The pre-alpha prototype is ready for now, but I cannot share the pictures. I will release it when I finish the prototype which It will be ready in 1 week.

 26x20x5,5 CM Dimensions
It will compatible with GDEMU and USB GDROM.
Power will replace with Pico ATX 12V small power.
No GD Drive sorry.
SD card input hole
Disc Swap switch
HDMI Output port ( Next Future. Waiting for DCHDMI )
Push power button with LED.
2 different LOGO version. The logo with BLUE and ORANGE light. And The logo by metal BLUE and ORANGE. People can choose anyone.