DC and Saturn PSU kits available from DragonCity

Those of you who were counting on aftermarket PSU’s now have another alternative: DragonCity has created his own version of a replacement PSU for DC and Saturn (model 1 and 2).

For 30€, you have:

– His DC-PSU / Sat-PSU
– A Pico-PSU
– ATX + Switch (+ Power for DC and Sat V2) connectors
– 3D printed stand for the power connector
– 10k resistor
– Power regulator (Saturn version only)
– Switch (Saturn V2 only)

The kits can be purchased here. You may have to contact him first for international shipping.

Videos are available (in French) on his Youtube channel on how to install the kit.
It’s also available on his website (here for DC, here for Saturn) with a lot of photos.