Clear Famicom Controller Shells

Dennis van den Broek aka Pointer Function has just released his design for a set of original Famicom clear replacement controllers.  There’s both a P1 and P2 shell, as the Famicom’s second controller has a microphone built in, requiring a different design.  You can purchase them right now via PCBWay’s service;  It’s expensive, but high quality.  If you’d like to use a different service, or try printing yourself, the files are available to download directly:

Clear Famicom Shell:  /

I’ve personally used these and thought they were awesome!  In fact, I’d go as far as to call these a “must have” for anyone who owns a clear Retro Game Restore top shell.  They’re just the perfect compliment to the shell and feel exactly like the originals…just clear.  Just remember if you print at home, the quality will totally depend on your printer and will most likely not look like the PCBWay ones I’m showing here:

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