AVS Wireless Controller – 3D Printed NES Case For Sale

Greg has just listed his 3D-printed replacement shell for the RetroUSB AVS NES controller on

The design was previously available for people to download on Thingiverse, but this is the first time Greg’s officially selling them on his website.  As a note:  This is only the replacement case and does not include the controller!

The AVS controller is an excellent wireless solution designed as a companion to the AVS FPGA NES console, but also works with the original NES / Famicom (or basically anything with a NES controller port)!  It provides an extremely low latency solution and proven durability that was tested by some of the worlds best Tetris players.  I reviewed the controller a few years ago and had mixed reviews…at first.

For my hands (everyone’s preference will be different), I didn’t like the “batwing” shell.  Also, instead of using rubber pads like a standard controller, the AVS uses ‘clicky’ pushbuttons, which can be a bit loud and change the feel of the controller.  I think those two changes made the controller feel just different enough that I didn’t like it…

…but then I tried putting the guts of the controller inside an original NES shell and it mostly fit!  Everything felt much more comfortable and since the shell felt familiar to me, I stopped noticing the clicky buttons altogether.  The only problem was the rear case wouldn’t fit properly for this to be a reliable way to use the controller, so I contacted Greg to see if he’d have any ideas.

The result:  A complete shell replacement for the AVS controller that feels perfect.  Now, once again, everyone’s hands are different, but in my opinion this case is awesome!  The AVS controller in Greg’s case has become my main controller for the NES and I strongly recommend this combination to any hardcore NES fan.

If people are looking for a more entry-level wireless NES controller, 8bitdo is releasing their 2.4GHz RF (not Bluetooth) version of a wireless NES controller this summer, but this case and the AVS controller are absolutely a top-tier solution.  Now if only someone could come up with a wireless charging mod for these…

RetroUSB’s AVS Wireless NES Controller:
Thingiverse design link:
Previous review of the controller and AVS NES console:

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