Atari Jaguar Replacement Cartridge Shells

Hoskinson-industries is now offering a replacement shell for Atari Jaguar cartridges.  They’re available in three different colors:  Black for $3.50 which should match the original, plus yellow and transparent blue which are both $7.  This is the same company that is selling the Jaguar “pro” controller, which was received well:

This is an excellent choice for developers who want to sell copies of their homebrew games, as it would end up with a unique-but-official look, without sacrificing any original cartridges!  Also, the creator of these says they might be interested in making full Jaguar replacement shells, however that would be very expensive.  While I normally love replacement shells for damaged units, I’d be more interested in an injection-molded shell if the Duo project is able to be completed.

Check out more info on atariage:

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