4th Round of RetroTINK 5x Orders

Mike Chi has announced that the fourth batch of RetroTINK 5x’s will go on sale exactly 12 hours from now, at a time that’s meant to be more convenient for people in timezone’s outside the US.  Here’s a purchase link, as well as a link to a time zone converter, with a few examples below:

Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:
Time zone converter for this 4th round sale:

Sept. 24th 9PM Pacific Time
Sept. 25th 4AM GMT
Sept. 25th 1PM Japan Standard
Spet. 25th 2PM Australia Eastern

As with the previous sales, a UK-only link will launch at a separate time;  The link is currently listed in the middle of the main sale page, but won’t be live until 9AM BST.

…and once you receive the RT5x, make sure to update it’s firmware, as Mike’s constantly tweaking and adding some awesome new features!

Download the latest RT5x firmware here:
RetroTINK Update Software:
Drivers (install first):
More info on the RT5x:

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